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Southland Ghostbusters Official Site!

We are a Ghostbusters themed cosplay group located in sunny Southern California. You may have seen us in person at conventions, charitable causes, movie screenings or a public/private function. We take our love of Ghostbusters to the extreme, all with the intent of either raising money for a good cause or simply putting a smile on someone’s face.


On June 15th, 2021., California lifted capacity and distancing restrictions and reopening the state’s economy. What does that mean for the Southland Ghostbusters?

In short, it means: We’re Back!

We will be cautiously opening up and making public appearances once again while still enforcing reasonable precautions to keep everyone safe. In cases of indoor and outdoor “mega events”, we will work with event hosts to help ensure any event we attend will be safe for everyone involved.

We’re ready to see you and we’re ready to believe you!

For Hire...
Need Ghostbusters for your next event?
Have you or a loved one recently seen a ghost? If the answer is “Yes”, then don’t waste another moment! Request an appearance by the Southland Ghostbusters.

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