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Southland Ghostbusters Official Site!

We are a Ghostbusters themed cosplay group located in sunny Southern California. You may have seen us in person at conventions, charitable causes, movie screenings or a public/private function. We take our love of Ghostbusters to the extreme, all with the intent of either raising money for a good cause or simply putting a smile on someone’s face.


We’ve recently experienced some downtime with our website, but it appears that we’re now back online. As far as events go, we are extremely limited to what we will agree to. This is obviously due in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Feel free to request an appearance but circumstances most likely will prevent us from making any commitments. We wish that our proton packs had a setting to simply bust this virus, but in the real world, the only way it will is for everyone to disappear for a while. Stay safe and we’ll see you once this is all contained.

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